Fengyang Wang

Black Lives Matter — Donation Matching

Update: This matching has concluded now. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Recent protests in Canada and the United States have brought additional attention to the daily individual and systemic racism faced by many in our community. They have inspired a large wave of donations to various wonderful charities for both short-term and long-term help and advocacy for the African-Canadian community.

I’ll match up to $5000 in donations to any Canada or US anti-racism, bail fund, police reform/advocacy group, or other related non-profit. Please contact me over Twitter (@fengyang97) or Instagram (@fengyangwang) or otherwise to DM me with receipts. If you need suggestions, CanadaHelps.org has a fund and list of constituent charities. However, I found it useful and educational to spend time researching organizations and in particular reading voices from people of colour to better understand the underlying issues.

Many will require short-term help to make bail, meet basic needs, and rebuild businesses, and the gush of funding will certainly go a long way in easing these pains. But racism is a chronic long-term condition of our society that will require continuing effort and action.

I strongly believe in recurring donations and encourage you to make your donation recurring, if you are financially able. Recurring donations mean more predictable income, which enable charities to plan longer-term investments. I made a monthly commitment to the African-Canadian Association of Waterloo Region and Area. To make your monthly donation go farther, I will one-time match one year’s amount of any recurring donations as part of my matching commitment. (So if you donate $10/month, I’ll match $120.)